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Benefits of Using Naturally-Derived, Topical Pain Relievers

"In addition to educating your patients about their pain, you can also use this as an opportunity to educate them about the role naturally-derived analgesics can play in pain relief. With 5 levels to choose from in CBD CLINIC’s Clinical Strength Pain Relief line, you can help customize your patients’ at-home treatment with our analgesic cream and other products.

Analgesics like camphor and menthol help deliver numbing, cooling relief to sore muscles and painful muscle aches. Our Level 5 Pain Relief Ointment, our strongest pain-fighting formulation, contains the highest levels of camphor and menthol allowed by the FDA. Additionally, CBD CLINIC conducted a survey of 125 health professionals and found that this product is their top seller.

The analgesic, lidocaine, found in CBD CLINIC’s Level 1 Pain Relief Cream also delivers a numbing sensation but for milder aches and pains. This formulation was specially designed for those who are sensitive to counterirritants or other hot/cold sensations as well as aromas.

Not to mention that our products have the addition of CBD hemp oil as a skin-soothing emollient and essential oils like peppermint, clove and frankincense for added aromatherapy. Whatever the ailment, our products will take your patients’ pain-relief to the next level."

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